15 APRiL


BAP - Certified Course
BAP Masterclass in Bipolar Disorders
Part I

Emotional Instability: In Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity, Personality and Bipolar Disorders

Philip Asherson (BAP UK)

Metabolic Syndrome in Medicine and Psychiatric Disorders: Nature or Nurture
Relationship of metabolic syndrome with childhood trauma in mood disorders
Sermin Kesebir
Epigenetic mechanisms and DNA methylation in schizophrenia
Ümit Sertan Çöpoğlu
Metabolic syndrome and psychotropic medications
Recep Tütüncü
Metabolic syndrome and OCD
Oğuz Karamustafalıoğlu

BAP - Certified Course
BAP Masterclass in Bipolar Disorders
Part II

Acceptance and Comittment Therapies (ACT) and Clinical Applications
ACT in anxiety disorders
Sevinç Ulusoy
ACT in depression
Emrah Karadere

ACT in schizophrenia
Yasir Şafak
ACT in addiction
Başak Demirel
ACT in beyond psychopathology and other associated conditions
Hasan T. Karatepe
Up to Date in Diagnosis, Comorbidity and Treatment in Adult ADHD
Clinical diagnosis problems in ADHD
Murat Semiz
Addiction and ADHD
Fatih Canan
Treatment of ADHD using treatment guidelines
Abdullah Akpınar
Non-pharmacological approaches in treatment of ADHD
Uğur Çakır
Psychiatric Emergencies
New generation substance dependence
Ümit Kaldırım
The process leading to death in Bonsai
dependence: pharmacokinetics and
Abdullah Bolu
Substance dependence and suicide risk in emergency room staff
Yusuf Emrah Eyi
Psychiatric management in the emergency room
Murat Durusu